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Personal, Professional & Organisational Development

Education & HR consultancy and digital coaching specialist, supporting college students, young professionals, mid-managers and leaders in Asia-Pacific markets.

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We Support Companies & Education Providers in APAC to Develop Regional Talent

  • Cross-cultural awareness and communication coaching.
  • Social and emotional learning for personal and interpersonal leadership.
  • Career & organisational development.
  • Business English for non-native English learners & emerging leaders.

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Coaching & Mentoring

We work with organisations, and also directly with individuals, to develop talent via structured coaching & mentoring.


We can provide workshops on innovative topics such as cross-cultural awareness & communication and ontological leadership.

Digitisation & Production

We can help you convert boring offline trainings into impactful digital processes using AI and other technologies.


We engage in consulting and other relevant projects where we can add clear value and there's a good mutual, strategic fit.

Online Content

We are creating multilingual short form content to share insights and make a positive difference in people's lives in APAC.


We engage in research via surveys and in-depth interviews to understand key issues impacting organisations & talent in APAC.

James-Santiago Mateos Turner

Director, ThoughtBox Asia.
B. Com (UNSW). Cambridge CELTA. Multilingual.
Member, International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Ontological Coaching & Leadership Program Certification, Newfield Institute.
"Leading & Coaching Across Cultures", Cultural Orientations Framework Certification, Rosinski.

Deep, 30+ Years Experience Across APAC

Director of Ecommerce, China-Australia Chamber of Commerce (Beijing). Director of International Business Development, Netconcepts China (Beijing) and Sinorbis (Shanghai & Sydney). Assistant to Consul-General & Deputy Consul-General of Japan (Sydney). Coordinator of International Relations (Nagoya). Mining Analyst, Japan Organization for Metals & Energy Security.

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