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The Future is Now

“Leadership is not about being in charge but taking care of people in our charge. It’s a service to be given, not a rank to be obtained.”

“Business is one of the most personal things in the world. It’s about trust, cooperation, human relationships.”

Simon Sinek, Leadership Guru & Author, “Start With Why” & “Leader’s Eat Last”


Successful global leadership depends on high quality interpersonal communication, including across cultures. Work is largely undertaken through conversations we have with each other. We take a 360 degree look across emotions, physiology & linguistics.

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The easiest way to get started is by selecting a 90-minute seminar for your team or organisation. We cover a range of topics relevant to working, leading & innovating across cultures.

Understand the global megatrends of our times and the key starting point for adapting organisational strategies to thrive in a new era across Asia-Pacific.

How to lead across cultures ensuring high levels of engagement and alignment to organisational goals and values.

Identify key factors that underpin successful and unsuccessful ventures in Asia-Pacific from prominent business case studies & real-life examples.

Explore major cross-cultural concepts and how to apply them effectively.